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Live in London – New Album Out Now

An Evening with Foy Vance Live In London, is out now and available everywhere! Featuring 21 live tracks recorded during his recent sold out performances at Union Chapel, the album includes brand new songs, favorites like “Unlike Any Other,” “Upbeat Feel Good” and “Ziggy Looked Me in the Eye,” and a few stories that helped shape the fall tour.

Reflecting on this past year, Foy wrote the story below to preface your listening of the live album. So sit back, enjoy the tale and click here to stream Live In London.

And with that the Wild Swan returned to the North to convalesce. It would take time for the wounds of battle to heal. Time he would have to take, for in the back of his mind he knew the war was not yet over.

His return journey had been a long and tiresome one, but all the while he held the memories of home and family in his minds eye, burning like a light to both guide and comfort him. At times, he swore it even kept the icy winds at bay.

Winds that now wailed up the mountain face. The Wild Swan broached to and fro. Even for one as skilled in the air as he was, these winds were unusually turbulent. ‘We are in turbulent times’ he thought to himself. He focused his attention to the summit. On the other side of which he knew the night would be still. It was always still in the deep valley. His Lake lay there at the foot of the mountains.

It was, now within his sights.

Already, the air was cool and still as each beat of his now tiring wings brought his lake closer in to view. And there she was. In the very centre, lit only by the Moon and the Northern Sky. She always knew when and where to watch for his return. She turned and began gently guiding back to the cygnets at the waters edge. She knew he would be tired and in need of some respite in the water.

She knew him well.

As he descended on the surface of the lake he began to sense the healing, and longed to lower his battered frame into the cold water and let it lick his wounds. However as his feet began to drag in the water- tired wings or not – he could never resist the temptation to linger in that moment where he is both flying through the air and floating on the lake. Inhabiting two worlds at once. It allowed him to consider all that had past and all that lay ahead of him right there on the lake. As the base of his chest touched the water he could feel the negative ions course through his body. The water felt thick and rich, like a healing balm, as it slowed his trajectory.

Now with the wild winds behind him, he could drink in the full glory of his surroundings. He saw his cygnets on the water’s edge paddling in circles with excitement, wishing they could swim out to him but knowing full well their mother would say “good things come to those who wait”.

The only sound other than the lapping of the lake was the gentle wind blowing threw the whispering poplars on the bank, as if in welcome. He knew that tonight he would sleep as deep and solid as the sea bed itself and as he gently paddled towards his home he breathed in deeply and let out a low moaning sigh of relief. As if to say ‘Thank You…’

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Foy Vance is a critically acclaimed singer and songwriter hailing from Bangor, Northern Ireland and deeply rooted in the rich musical history and aesthetic of the Southern United States. Traveling through America for much of his youth, Foy eventually settled down in Ireland where he worked to put out his debut album Hope in 2007. Gathering the acclaim of both fans and fellow musicians, Foy was invited to tour worldwide with the likes of Bonnie Raitt, Marcus Foster, Snow Patrol, Ed Sheeran and Sir Elton John. Foy’s second full-length album, Joy of Nothing, debuted in 2013 on Glassnote Records and was followed up by Foy’s first live recording, Live at Bangor Abbey, recorded in Foy’s hometown.

In late 2015 Foy became only the second artist signing to Gingerbread Man Records, a division of Atlantic Records started by Ed Sheeran. Recording for his Gingerbread Man debut The Wild Swan took place at the legendary Blackbird Studios in Nashville, Tenn. with GRAMMY-winning producer Jacquire King (Tom Waits, Norah Jones, James Bay, Kings of Leon, Of Monsters and Men). Recording legend Elton John is the album’s Executive Producer, and Foy will support Elton on the UK & European legs of his Wonderful Crazy tour this summer. The Wild Swan is available now.



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